City Manifesto

New Providence City One Big Idea Manifesto For A Yes We Can Do That Bahamas That Moves At The Speed Of The World

1 Imagine

Imagine hearing yes to your big idea, yes to your big dream and no system, ideology, special interest group, political party faithful or corrupt or indifferent civil servant standing in the way of your potential ….

2 Hands Free

Where no one has their hands out (whether corrupt officials or Governmental entities asking for another piece of paper) and people doing their jobs because that is what they are paid to do ….

3 A New World

What sort of world would you need to exist in for this to be a possibility?

4 Everything Local

You would need to exist in a world where government was local; so local in fact that it was City  Government …..

5 A Local World

Every developed country has it …. At least 3 layers of full Government …. USA has State, County and City Government …. The Bahamas has 1 layer ….. We can change that….

6 Citizen Engagement

Another layer of Government gives the regular citizen another opportunity to get involved in decision making and leadership…

7 More Leaders

It is a big advantage to have more leaders deciding things …. More opportunities for someone to say yes ….. City Government is a place where you will hear yes we can do that …

8 Speed

Where things happen faster, normally, at the speed of the world …. The world moves fastest at the speed of Ideas, The Internet, Business and City Government ….

9 Look For Blockers

Can we move faster? Yes, if we remove the 4 global speed blockers …. 1) Blindness to the value of City Government, 2) The value of sharing power beyond Party politics and Cabinet Government, 3) Eliminating entrenched bureaucracy and the civil servant on an ego trip and 4) Corruption and lack of transparency ….

10 City Living

City Government opens the door to City Living which is a cheaper and more efficient way to live and solve national problems and stop Global Warming …

11 Good Business

80% of GDP is generated in Cities and by 2030 80% of the world will live in a City … Cities are the most effective way to grow the economy and change lives.

12 Your Move

New Providence City – One Big Idea Manifesto For ‘A Yes We Can Do That Bahamas’ … That Moves At The Speed Of The World …. Think about it and let’s do it! Every major country has more than 1 layer of Government. You can live your dreams free of bad Government. Talk to someone about adding City Government … It’s a great idea.